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Property Maintenance

We at the Nolans group pride ourselves on been the one stop shop for property maintenance. One call, one supplier, and one invoice cutting down on your admin.

Covering all landscaping maintenance graffiti removal / protection systems and internal and window cleaning just to mention a few. We would welcome your schedule of works for each development and we would be happy to give our most competitive quote to meet those requirements.

Internal & Window Cleaning
Supplying a weekly or monthly service were we clean all the common areas of the property complexes or residences. And covering 6 monthly or 12 monthly for exterior window contracts.

Landscape Maintenance
Covering all aspects of landscape maintenance for residential and commercial complexes.
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Anti-Slip Treatments
Anti-slip treatments with the danger of algae and moss on steps or shaded areas in a complex we at the Nolans group can remove this risk/ potential claim and supply a long term solution. Ask for details.

Brick/Stone/Paving Cleaning
With this treatment we can kill the fungicide called algae and bring all ground surfaces back to there natural beauty.
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Graffiti Removal/Protection
Graffiti removal using environment friendly products and protecting the surface with transparent products against further attacks which have great saving on removing graffiti from none protected surfaces.
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Litter Control
Litter Control with the servicing of the complex on a weekly or monthly bases our dedicated team can take care of all the litter in the complex and empty public bins.

Chalk/Shot & Mist Blasting
Removal of paint rust or heavy carbon deposits from hard surfaces or etching surfaces to create a look or a none slip surface.
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Electrical Maintenance
With our in house electrician all maintenance of bulb replacement and repairs our covered.

Gum Removal/Protection
Removal of gum with methods of pressure and steam which removes the gum without any dangers chemicals. Then to maintain standards a lot more cost effective in the future we use a product the prevents the gum been grounded into the surface and coming difficult to remove.
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Roof/Gutter Cleaning
With this service we treat the algae and moss to kill it and the spores. Then pressure clean the surface off bring it up like new. And gutter cleaning maintenance prevents the build of debris in the gutters which causes blockages and undue weight in the gutter causing it to sag and break.

Sanitation of Refuse Areas
With the use of power-washers and anti bacteria agents we can maintain and keep these areas clean and safe to use. [Top]

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