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Specialist Cleaning & Property Maintenance

Brick/Stone & Paving CleaningBrick/Stone & Paving Cleaning

Mortar Stain Removal

This process removes mortar / plaster staining on stone and brick new builds. The treatment also deepens and enriches the colour of the brick bring it back to the way it came of the pallet. This process has been endorsed by the Lagan Group one of the largest brick supplier in the country.

Algae/Dirt Deposits

The main advantages of this processes from a risk / claim point of view this treatment will remove that risk. And secondly it kills the algae spores and removes the moss to bring the surface back to the way it was first laid.

Carbon Cleaning

With the special treatment of carbon black deposits buildings from the early 19th century before smokeless fuels arrived can be bought back to there former glory.

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